Lovisa Hellgren

I'm a PhD at HMV. My research focuses on cognitive rehabilitation and mental fatigue following acquired brain injury.



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Lovisa Hellgren, Richard Levi, Anestis Divanoglou, Ulrika Birberg Thornberg, Kersti Samuelsson (2022) Seven Domains of Persisting Problems after Hospital-Treated Covid-19 Indicate a Need For a Multiprofessional Rehabilitation Approach Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Vol. 54, Article jrm00301 Continue to DOI


Lovisa Hellgren, Ulrika Birberg Thornberg, Kersti Samuelsson, Richard Levi, Anestis Divanoglou, Ida Blystad (2021) Brain MRI and neuropsychological findings at long-term follow-up after COVID-19 hospitalisation: an observational cohort study BMJ Open, Vol. 11, Article e055164 Continue to DOI