Communication and institutional contexts 

Talk and communication is the backbone in many institutional contexts. Professionals in health and welfare contexts assess needs, provide help and guide clients through talk. In particular, I am interested in how professionals and clients use communicative strategies to accomplish communicative projects. In my research I examine how self-presentations, identities and norms are constructed and reproduced in interaction.

Qualitative research methods 

I adopt conversation analytical methods to study communicative practices but also interviews to examine professionals’ perspectives and discourses.

Previous research project

In my PhD-thesis, I explore how suitability for adoptive parenthood is assessed though talk, specifically focusing on the content and organization of assessment interviews between social works and adoption applicants.  


Member of DANASWAC (Discourse and narrative approaches to social work and counselling)



Research projects



  • 2021
    Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Linköping University
  • 2013
    Master in Social work, Linköping University
  • 2011-2014
    Social Worker / Counsellor
  • 2011
    Bachelor in Social Worker, Linköping University,


Preparing for parenthood. Adoption assessment as an institutional process.(Project leader: Cecilia Lindgren)


Teaches at the Social Work Programme, Teachers Program and Pre-school Teacher Programme at Linkoping University. I supervise students in the Masters programme on Child Studies.


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