In my research I use computer calculations and methods to predict and develop new materials with potential for being synthesized, and to identify and understand the mechanisms that can explain why a material is stable.

My academic careere started at Lund University with a master's degree in physical chemistry, followed by PhD-studies in material science focused on thin film physics at Linköping University. During my postdoc at National University of Science and Technology in Moscow (MISiS ) and Materials Theory at ETH Zürich I focused on magnetic materials in layered form and with magnetism and electricity being closely intertwined, so called multiferroic materials.

Present research projects:

  • Development of theoretical methods for identifying the emergence of chemical ordering or solid solution disorder when different kinds of atoms are mixed.
  • Executing high performance computing on supercomputers for predicting new materials.
  • Magnetism in layered materials.

I have principal responsibility to secure the availability to the national supercomputing resources for large scale projects at the Materials Design division Thin Film Physics division at IFM.



Marley Downes, Christopher E. Shuck, Robert W. Lord, Mark Anayee, Mikhail Shekhirev, Ruocun John Wang, Tetiana Hryhorchuk, Martin Dahlqvist, Johanna Rosén, Yury Gogotsi (2023) M5X4: A Family of MXenes ACS Nano Continue to DOI