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Marie Mattisson


My research focuses on remote nursing care, primarily through phone communication, and how callers perceive the conversations. I teach in the district nursing program as well as in the early terms of the nursing program.



Marie Mattisson (2023) "I'm calling for hope, comfort and maybe some advice...": Interaction and caller satisfaction in telenursing
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Marie Mattisson, Sussanne Börjeson, Kristofer Årestedt, Malou Lindberg (2022) Role of interaction for caller satisfaction in telenursing - A cross-sectional survey study Journal of Clinical Nursing Continue to DOI


Marie Mattisson, Christina Johnson, Sussanne Börjeson, Kristofer Arestedt, Malou Lindberg (2019) Development and content validation of the Telenursing Interaction and Satisfaction Questionnaire (TISQ) Health Expectations, Vol. 22, p. 1213-1222 Continue to DOI