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Mattias Lindahl


A quest for a sustainable future

Professor Mattias Lindahl is among the top internationally-recognised scholars in the areas of Ecodesign and Product Service Systems (PSS). He has conducted research and teaching in EcoDesign since 1997, and research and teaching in Integrated Product Service Engineering (IPSE) also often called PSS since 1999.

Linköping University (LiU) has held a strong position for many years in the PSS area, and is currently the second-ranked university in Europe and among the top 4 in the world in PSS. LiU employs three of the top 10 most productive and influential researchers in PSS and Mattias is one of them.

Most of his PSS and EcoDesign research has been in cooperation with companies. Mattias is one of the initiator of the memorandum of understanding “Toward a More Competitive, Sustainable and Attractive Sweden” signed by five representatives of heavy industrial enterprises. He is also a project leader for several major research projects. 

Mattias has been involved in the writing of the ISO 14006 (2001) EcoDesign standard, where he was the chairman of the Swedish committee, and the main technical expert in the development of the content. 

He is also the EcoDesign subject editor for the Journal of Cleaner Production.

Over his career he has developed more than fifteen courses and taken a major part in the development of three engineering programmes.

Areas of Specialisation

  • Ecodesign, 
  • Product Development,
  • Product Service Systems (PSS),
  • Integrated Product and Service Engineering (IPSE),
  • Service Engineering.

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