Medicine and Health Sciences

In 2010 I was awarded ny doctoral degree with the thesis titled "Platelets: with special reference to platelet density subpopulations, stable coronary heart disease and atrial fibrillation".

My research applies modern laboratory technology and measurement methods I have developed to common illnesses treated at smaller hospitals and healthcare centres. I belong to a research group that collaborates with various units at the Vrinnevi Hospital in Norrköping, Sweden (e.g., psychiatry and medical clinic). For several years the research group has also collaborated with the Vikbolandet healthcare centre. Another collaboration partner in Alzheimer’s research includes Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge (Professor B. Winblad). In addition, I have an academic cooperation with the Pain Clinic in Linköping (Professor B. Gerdle) and with Norrköping Municipality.

Teach on the Nursing Programme

I teach on the Nursing Programme in Linköping/Norrköping, primarily within the field of medical and health sciences. I am also an examiner for the first and second semesters in medical and health sciences and the second semester of pharmacology. I am also an examiner for academic papers. In addition, I teach in the third semester of the Medical Programme.


Academic prizes and appointments

Academic prizes

  • SKAPA stipend, county finalist for Östergötland 2012.
  • In collaboration with Dr P. Järemo, I have established a simple method to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. This takes place through an analysis of changes in red blood cells.   


  • Member of the workgroup for anatomy and visualisation at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences in Linköping.
  • Representative for the Nursing Programme for teaching at the Visualization Table at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at Linköping University.




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