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Per Andersson

My research is about chest pain in a primary care setting, the difficulties to distinguish harmless chest pain from serious cases. The aim of the project is to find a way to treat and investigate patients in the same way.

My research

Chest pain in primary care are seen in about 2-3% of the patients and it is hard to tell if the pain are of serious origin. This is very important and put the personnel in a difficult position when it comes to investigation of the patients.

My research is looking at how the patients are treated in a primary care setting and to see what kind of tests and questions that are made and told. We have also looked at a blood sample called Troponin (TnT) which are increased when the patient have decreased oxygen supply in the heart due to a blood clot in a vessel that surrounds the heart muscle. We want to find out a simple way to meet this kind of patients so that we do not miss any cases with suspicious heart disease and to send these patients to the hospital and others back home.



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