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Per-Anders Forstorp


I am a researcher in communication, media and culture and my research interests follows two tracks: communication and media in social and cultural perspectives; and studies of knowledge and learning practices in the context of higher education. 


My present research has to do with ostensibly global processes and changes and transformation in educational landscapes.

At the moment I am primarily occupied with knowledge and learning practices in the context of higher education and am studying changes and transformation of individual and collective educational landscapes that has to do with ostensibly global processes: for instance, international mobility among students, the emergence of a variety of (state and private) actors in higher education, corporate universities, regimes of knowledge, ideologies of knowledge, implications of market oriented governance of higher education. My studies are based on data collection and fieldwork in Sweden, Norway, Russia, India, UAE and Brazil. 

Collaborative research 

I am conducting several projects (Swedish Research Council)) on higher education and globalization together with Ulf Mellström at Karlstad University.

With researchers from Sweden, Norway and Northwest Russia I am part of the research network NORRUSS(Norwegian Research Council) in the project “Higher Education in the High North”, i.e. educational exchanges in the Arctic Barents Region.

With researchers at the Department of Media Technology and Information Design at the Royal Institute of Technology, we are running the project “Disabling technology?” (FORTE) where we focus on visualization technologies in a bilingual (hearing and Swedish Sign Language) workplace for media production.

Academic degrees

  • Master of Arts and Teacher’s Qualification (Swedish, Religious studies, History), Uppsala University 1984.
  • PhD (Communikation), Linköping University, 1992.
  • Visiting fellow (linguistic anthropology) University of California, Los Angeles, 1994 (Knut and Alice Wallenberg Postdoctoral Fellowship).
  • Docent (Associate professor) (Communikation), Linköpings universitet, 2004.
  • Visiting professor (kommunikation och medier), University of Iowa, 2004 (2003-2004 The American Scandinavian Foundations Visiting Professor from Sweden).
  • Associate Professor (Kultur och mediegestaltning), Linköping University, 2014.


  • I am a working member of an evaluation committee at the Swedish Research Council.
  • With Ann Lantz (KTH) and Minna Räsänen (Södertörn University College) I am supervising the PhD-student Rebekah Cupitt at KTH (planned dissertation Fall 2015) . 


  • Masters- and Magisterprogram in Culture and media production , Bachelor program in Culture, society and media production.

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