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Tema Q/ Culture and Society is an interdisciplinary unit that seeks to foster a critical outlook on the multiple roles played by culture in society, in the present as well as in the past. 

Anchored in a long-standing commitment to the value of interdisciplinary research, TQ offers a dynamic environment accommodating a broad range of research in the humanities and social sciences.

Scholars working at TQ/Culture and Society all share an interest in the social dimensions of culture, whether they study culture primarily as signs and meaning or as a professional field impacted by economy, law and politics.

TQ’s ambition is to consolidate even further our well-established interdisciplinary identity while contributing to the development of the field of culture studies in Swedish academia more generally. We welcome contacts from colleagues – nationally and internationally – who are interested in collaborating around these topics and activities. 


The so called Higher Seminar on Tema Q was during the period from 2002 to 2017 the weekly arena for research presentations, intellectual discussions and talks from invited Swedish or international lecturers and guests. Since the year 2018 this activity are no longer run by Tema Q. Instead seminars are being organized by the Department for Studies of Social Change and Culture (ISAK).

PhD education

Besides research the main focus of Tema Q is its own PhD education, which have been carried out since the department started 2002. The education consists of four years of full time studies and is carried out in close relation to the researchers at Tema Q and affiliated researchers with the goal to train the doctoral student to be an advanced and detached researcher in cultural science. Besides the thesis the PhD education consists of PhD courses and the possibility to get pedagogical training by own teaching on basic academic levels. The PhD education on Tema Q requires a high degree of intellectual mobility and curiosity. During the education the doctoral student is regarded as an employee on Tema Q and have full time salary, which leads to the demand of a high degree of participation and engagement in the research environment.

Basic academic education

Tema Q are besides research and PhD education also engaged in basic academic education on different levels. Researchers and PhD students have been and are teaching in a wide range of programs and courses inside and outside Linkoping University. The main engagement lays in the field of media and communication. Tema Q are also responsible for own courses, such as The Use (and Abuse) of Culture.



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Intermediation, place and value creation: Exploring the processes and spaces of 'curation'

Jenny Sjöholm
Riksbankens jubileumsfond (RJ)

Selection of completed research projects

EuNaMus, European National Museums

Peter Aronsson
FP7, EU's 7th Framework Programme

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Marcus, Gustaf: Pariah: The Criminal and the Normalization of Man in the Works of Strindberg, Hansson and Geijerstam. Academic dissertation 2018.

Peterson, Erik: The Veteran’s Home in Vadstena. A study of the Swedish Crown’s institution for wounded and old soldiers ca 1640-1780. Academic dissertation 2017.

Karlsson, Mattis: Discovering Denisova. Licentiate thesis 2017.

Wagrell, Kristin: The Common Sense of forgetting; Interrogating the Policy-Process of the Living History Forum’s Testimonial Archive, 1997-2016. Licentiate thesis 2017.

Lindström, Sofia: (Un)bearable freedom. Exploring the becoming of the artist in education, work and family life. Academic dissertation 2016.

Landgraf, Svante: Imprisonment and escape. On the theme of freedom in Swedish autobiographical childhood novels, travelogues and science fiction the decennia around 1970Academic dissertation 2016.

Grip, Björn: Unequal Mortality: Coronary Heart Disease Mortality and the Development of Society in Two Cities. Academic dissertation 2016.

Johansson. Marit: Life in a World Heritage City. A case study of discussion and contested values in Angra do Heroísmo, the Azores. Academic dissertation 2015.

Gilboa Runnvik, Ann-Charlotte: Rythm, space and mobility. Railway stations as gendered spaces. Academic dissertation 2014.

Dahlin, Johanna: Until the Last Fallen Soldier is Buried. The Second World war, Remembrance and Community in St Petersburg and Leningrad oblast. Academic dissertation 2012.

Källstrand, Gustav: Appearance of the Nobel Prize in the Swedish Press 1897–1911. Academic dissertation 2012.

Grip, Björn: Social Change and the Fragile Heart: An analysis of contemporary history in two neighboring Swedish cities, Linköping and Norrköping. Licentiate thesis 2012. 

Andersson, Ragnar: Mainstreaming integration policy. On translation of policy and network governance with a hindrance in Swedish regional development policy 1998-2007. Academic dissertation 2011.

Gruber, Göran: The Middle-Ages. Contemporary mobilization processes around values of the past. Academic dissertation 2010.

Fredriksson, Martin: The Rights of Creativity: Swedish Copyright History in a Cultural Context. Academic dissertation 2010.

Lee, Jenny: The Market Hall Revisited. Cultures of Consumption in Urban Food Retail during the Long twentieth century. Academic dissertation 2009.

Wänström, Johan: Consultation Meetings for Ostlänken. On Track Towards a Better Democracy? Academic dissertation 2009.

Werner, Ann: Contagious. Teenage girls’ uses of music. Academic dissertation 2009.

Johansson, Carina: Visual Visby. Imaginations of a place through pictures and cultural heritage. Academic dissertation 2009.

Ivarsson Lilieblad, Björn: Moulin Rouge in Swedish. A cultural history of variety entertainment in Stockholm 1875-1920. Academic dissertation 2009.

Jarlbrink, Johan: Spring time for the Journalist: Symbols and Courses of Action for Members of the Swedish Press, the 1870s to the 1930s. Academic dissertation, 2009.

Andersson, Joakim: Separate worlds. Contemporary nations of cultural heritage. Academic dissertation 2008.

Nilsson, Micael: Changing Gender Regime. Gender Equality and Power in Local Politics from 1970 to 2006. Academic dissertation 2008.

Rindzeviciute, Egle: Constructing Soviet Cultural Policy: Cybernetics and Governance in Lithuania after World War II. Academic dissertation 2008.

Nyblom, Andreas: The Face of Fame. Verner von Heidenstam, the Media and Celebrity Culture in Sweden around 1900. Academic dissertation 2008.

Andersson, Ragnar: Multilevel-controlled by complex goals through networks. Implementation of integration policy in a regional partnership for growth 1998-2004. Licentiate thesis 2008.

Holt, Kristoffer: The publicist Ivar Harrie. Ideology, public discourse and ideational debate in the tabloid. Academic dissertation 2008.

Eskilsson, Anna: In place in history. Studies on local heritage societies in the 21st century. Academic dissertation 2008.

Brusman, Mats: The real city? The city of Norrköping between urban ideas and local identities. Academic dissertation 2008.

Kåks, Helena: Between Experience and Expectation Meanings of Becoming an Adult in Young People’s Life-stories. Academic dissertation 2007.

Kverndokk, Kyrre: Pilgrim, Tourist and Pupil: Norwegian School Journeys to Death and Concentration camps. Academic dissertation 2007.

Egeland, Helene: The true, the good and the cool: The Södra teatern and the dialogical formation of the discourse of cultural diversity. Academic dissertation 2007.

Harding, Tobias: Nationalising Culture: The Reorganisation of National Culture in Swedish Cultural Policy 1970-2002. Academic dissertation, 2007.

Lindaräng, Ingemar: Use of saints in the era of modernization. Use of S. Bridget and S. Olav traditions in connection with commemorations in Sweden and Norway 1891 – 2005. Academic dissertation 2007.

Seifarth, Sofia: Advice on the Radio. Modernization, the Public and the Experts 1939-1868. Academic dissertation 2007.

Gunnarsson, Andreas: Genetics in fiction. Licentiate thesis 2006.

Hillström, Magdalena: The Public responsibility for cultural heritage: A study in the formation of cultural history museums in Sweden, with a focus on the establishment of the Nordic Museum 1872-1919. Academic dissertation 2006.

Johansson, Carina: Between ruinromantics and party factories? An ethnographic study of Visby in picture, story, imagination and memory. Licentiate thesis 2006.

Lindaräng, Ingemar: A jubilee in time. S. Bridget jubilee 2003 in the use of history. Licentiate thesis, 2005.

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