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Electron microscopy image showing amyloid of corona virus spike protein.

Possible discovery of mechanism behind mysterious COVID-19 symptoms

The immune system can affect the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, leading to the production of a misfolded spike protein called amyloid. A new study points to a possible connection between harmful amyloid production and symptoms of COVID-19.

Pipette in chemistrylab.

Master’s programme in protein science now open for international students

Linköping University will open its Protein Science master’s programme to international students starting next year. The programme combines theoretical and practical components, with a heavy emphasis on laboratory work.

Martin Hallbeck and Per Hammarström

Two pieces of the Alzheimer’s puzzle

One is a protein chemist, the other a physician. Both conduct research into Alzheimer’s disease. Each benefits from the knowledge of the other, making progress more rapid. Their objective: to make a difference for those affected by disease.