Focus on external relations and innovation

Ever since it was established, Linköping University has been characterised by a good collaborative culture. There is an equally strong tradition of regarding collaboration as an integral part of the university's research and education, in which academic excellence and social relevance go hand in hand.

Collaboration gives the university's courses a link to the future job market, increases the relevance of its research and facilitates wide utilisation of knowledge to the benefit of the development of our present and future society.

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor responsible for External Relations and Innovation, it is Prof. Värbrand's task to strengthen Linköping University's strategies and develop new initiatives for collaboration – what he refers to as strategic collaboration. To help him, Prof. Värbrand has the university's Council for Collaboration, the Director of Collaboration and a network of senior collaboration coordinators at department and faculty level – in addition to well-developed business support in the form of LiU Holding. Prof. Värbrand's team also participates in national development projects together with other universities to standardise teaching within the field. In his role as Deputy Vice-Chancellor, he is also chairman of the board of LiU Holding AB and chairman of the university's Council for Internationalisation.



Lei You, Di Yuan, Nikolaos Pappas, Peter Värbrand

Energy-Aware Wireless Relay Selection in Load-Coupled OFDMA Cellular Networks

In IEEE Communications Letters

Article in journal


Lei Lei, Di Yuan, Peter Värbrand

On Power Minimization for Non-orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA)


Article in journal

Charlotte Ahlgren-Moritz, Anna-Karin Alm, Cecilia Christersson, Anette Eikelboom Sällström, Mattias Esbjörnsson, Andreas Jacobsson, Agneta Marell, Jeanette Persson, Anna-Carin Ramsten, Jakob Rehme, Mats Reinhold, Karin Sjögren, Victoria Sörensson, Peter Värbrand

Vägen till samverkanssäkrad utbildning. [2]: Möjligheter och utmaningar


Secretary to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

University Management

Collaboration at Linköping University

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CV and duties


  • Since 2012 Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Linköping University
  • Professor in Optimisation at ITN/ Linköping University (2001 - )
  • PhD (1988); Senior lecturer (1989); Fellow (1995); Professor (2001)
  • Main supervisor: 5 doctoral students and 8 licentiates students
  • As chief applicant, secured funding from the Swedish Research Council, VINNOVA, EU etc.
  • 40+ international journal articles; 4 books and 1 book chapter; 10+ peer-reviewed international conference articles

External duties

  • Swedish Institute’s Academic Board (2016 -)
  • Swedish strategic innovation program Medtech4Health (2015-)
  • EUA-RIS3 Expert Group (2015-)        
  • Mjärdevi Science Park (Linköping) (2013 -)    
  • LiU Holding AB (2012 -)
  • Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre (SHC) (2012 -)
  • HELIX, VINN Excellence Centre, LiU (2011 -)