Anna Lundberg, Pia Kjellbom, Ulrika Wernesjö (2019) "Advanced Legal Practices in the Welfare State - A Study of Displacements of the Right to Social Assistance for Undocumented Persons and Poor EU Citizens, in Three Swedish Municipalities - A research project 2019-2022, funded by FORTE": presentation at "Exploring critical legal cartography: an experimental workshop about the right to social protection in a transnational world" at the 2019 IMISCOE conference in Malmö. 16TH ANNUAL IMISCOE CONFERENCE JUNE 26-28, 2019 MALMÖ UNIVERSITY, SWEDEN: Understanding International Migration in the 21st Century: Conceptual and Methodological Approaches:The growing diversity and complexity of international migration present a need for reconceptualizing migration research. The aim of the 2019 IMISCOE Annual Conference is to facilitate exchanges in new concepts and innovative methodologies for understanding human migration in the 21st Century.We welcome proposals from various disciplines, such as political science, sociology, economics, history, law, anthropology, social work, public administration, demography, social geography, and others.