Welfare Law


The multidisciplinary research-field “Welfare law”, sometimes also known as "Social Law", is defined relative to the concept of “welfare” and jurisdiction. The field of study is not limited to any specific area of law but rather provides an analysis of inter-legality, i.e. the intersection between various legal areas and scales of legal regulations.

Given the strong connection between welfare and social work, and the fact that legal regulations has increasingly come to regulate the conditions of social work in welfare states, the research area’s theoretical foundation lies within both jurisprudence and the social sciences, and research methods may vary. Examples of research interests/projects contain regulations of the category  “unaccompanied children”, cartographic approaches to the intersection between migration law and social law, and constructions of “human smuggling” through court negotiations. 

Welfare Law or Social Law

Sometimes Welfare Law is referred to as Social Law. Here at Linköping University we use the term Welfare Law.


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