To prioritize or not to prioritize autism spectrum disorder? Distribution of health care resources from an ethics of care perspective.


Charting moral responsibilities for premature mortality in autism spectrum disorder.

Bedside prioritization of patients with comorbid mental and physical disorders in somatic care: how to understand nurses’ ethical role?


I mainly teach nursing (basic level). I am a member of the teaching team for T5 (Nursing in complex situations 1). I also give lectures on the ethical aspects of autism spectrum disorder for students of the specialized psychiatric nursing program. Moreover, I tutor Interprofessional Learning (IPL1) student groups. Furthermore, I developed a web lecture for the course ‘self-care in chronic illness’ (doctoral students).

Research Networks

  • Swedish Network on Disability Research
  • LiU network ‘Medical Humanities and Social Sciences’


PhD, Health and Society, Linköping University, 2014.