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Pontus Henriksson

Senior Associate Professor

My research examine how health behaviors influence our health and how we can promote health behaviors throughout the life span.

Importance of health behaviors 

I am a senior lecturer and an associate professor in nutritional physiology. My research investigates the influence of health behaviors and factors such as dietary habits, physical activity and fitness, body weight and body composition on health outcomes. I also study how we can promote health behaviors in different ways, for example whether digital interventions can be effective to improve health behaviors in different groups and ages.

 I teach nutrition and scientific approach at different educational programs at the Faculty of Medicine. I appreciate the opportunity to combine my interests in nutrition, science and teaching.

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Twitter: @P_Henriksson_

About me


  • 2006 Registered dietician, Umeå University
  • 2010 Master's degree, Umeå University
  • 2015 PhD in Medical Sciences, Linköping University
  • 2020 Associate Professor in Nutritional Physiology, Linköping University

Fields of Teaching

  • Course coordinator and examinator for the PhD course SCAIR (Scientific Communication And Information Retrieval)
  • Member of the scientific approach (VF) group on the medical programme
  • Responsible for teaching scientific approach (VF) in the fifth semester of the medical program
  • Teaching nutrition at the medical program, physiotherapy program and program in "experimental and industrial biomedicine"
  • Small group tutor at different semesters of the medical program
  • Supervisor of degree projects (30 credits) at the medical programme


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Cover of publication ''
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Nutrition & Diabetes , Vol.11 Continue to DOI

Cover of publication ''
Pontus Henriksson, Eric J. Shiroma, Hanna Henriksson, Per Tynelius, Daniel Berglind, Marie Löf, I-Min Lee, Francisco B. Ortega (2021)

British Journal of Sports Medicine , Vol.55 , s.128-129 Continue to DOI


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Research projects as principal investigator

  • The PRIMI project (Promoting Reproductive health In MIgrant women)
  • Ideal cardiovascular health in SCAPIS: prevalence, determinants and health effects of ideal cardiovascular health in a Swedish population-based study
  • Associations of migration and socioeconomic status with body weight, gestational weight gain and self-rated health before, during and after pregnancy.