Perioperative care in Sweden

According to The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), the annual number of surgeries in Sweden is over 700 000. A surgical procedure should always be conducted with the objective of improving the patient’s quality of life and level of functioning, however is this always the case?

Today, epidemiological research on Swedish perioperative care is lacking. Especially rare is data on large, unselected populations with a long-term follow-up (years). It is of utmost importance to, if possible, identify modifiable risk factors of poor outcomes and thereby improve the lives of the many swedes undergoing surgery each day.

To make this possible my research group (lead by professor Michelle Chew) and I have recently constructed a large database including the majority of all surgeries carried out in Sweden during four years, 2015-2018. This database crossmatches data from seven different national quality registers to gain as broad a view of this patient group as possible. The population is retrieved from the Swedish PeriOperative Registry (SPOR), a rather newly developed national quality registry with the purpose of including all surgeries in the same registry to improve our knowledge of this group of patients.

Our database EPeCS (Epidemiology of Perioperative Care in Sweden) will be the basis for ten different substudies for our research group, where my personal focus will be on three principal areas; epidemiology, socioeconomic influence and health economy.

About me

Master of Science in Medicine, January 2020

Member of Michelle Chew's research group at ANOPIVA

In my doctoral dissertation, I collaborate with the following:

Article on my second place in the Best Abstract Prize Competition (BAPC) 2018 at the European Society of Anaesthesiology's International Congress - "Best Abstract Competition 2018"





Referee-reviewed abstracts:

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