Fiction andmedia in literary instruction in Swedish mother tongue education

Swedish mother tongue education is considered one of the dominant subjects of the Swedish education system. One of the core activities of the subject is the reading of fiction. The purpose of reading fiction and the techniques used to mediate fiction has varied throughout history.

A common perception among Swedish teachers of mother tongue is that it is a challenge to get young people to read books. That is problematic since the reading of books is a defining feature of the subject matter.

International studies like PISA implies that the reading comprehension among Swedish pupils are in decline. Other studies show that young people do consume fiction, but through other media than printed books, like films, TV series or video games.

What does this development imply for the teaching of the Swedish mother tongue, a practice that since long time has focused on quiet reading of printed fiction? What are the specific values associated with the reading of printed fiction? Are these values dependent of a specific medium?

Though I will not try to answer all of the questions above, it is guiding questions of my overall interest. In my research I will focus on literature and film in the school subject swedish mother tongue. The relationship between printed fiction and film will be studied.

In several empirical studies the reception of fiction from different media will be investigated. The aim of the studies are to produce knowledge about young people's understanding of fiction and film. Hopefully my research will be informative and useful for working teachers who frequently use film, books and other media in their teaching.

About me

Since februari 2015 I am a PhD student in pedagogical practices with focus on the school subject of Swedish. My research takes place in the field of didactics of literature and reading. Before I started my PhD studies I was a teacher of Swedish and philosophy at upper secondary school. Apart from my research environment in Linköping, I am a part of the national Phd school SPLIT, didactics of literature and language in the media ecology.

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