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Stefan Ljunggren

Adjunct Associate Professor

My research deals with exposure in occupational and environmental settings, how this relates to different health outcomes as well as biomarkers. This includes how particles and environmental pollutants affects protein expression in blood and tissues.

My research

How do dust particles and environmental pollutants affect us?

Through life, humans encounter a wide range of dust particles and chemicals that may be dangerous. This may happen at workplaces but humans are also affected by the environment. My research focus on investigating different types of potentially dangerous dust particles as well as chemicals and how these affect the human body. At the workplaces this includes different industries that use welding and 3D-printing as tools for manufacturing. These industries may have high levels of dust particles that may have adverse affects in the people working at these companies.

In the environment I study pollutants that have been unintentionally released and due to their properties do not break down. This causes them to accumulate in the environment, in animals and ultimately in humans and we are interested in whether levels of these found today may cause us harm. 

Short texts

Fields of Teaching

  • I teach at the Medical Programme at the Medical Faculty
  • I also teach Environmental Sciences at the Philosophical Faculty



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