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Susanne Severinsson

Senior Associate Professor

My research interest is about social vulnerability and the schooling of children and adolescents.

Social vulnerability in school

My research deals with social vulnerability and the schooling of children and adolescents. It focus social institutions’ interfaces with children and adolescents and how students, teachers, social and physical environment together produce both possibilities and limitation for activities in school as well as future lives. This research takes its starting point in posthumanistic and poststructural theories about inter(-intra)action in networks.

In 2016, I became associate professor in Pedagogic Practices. I defended my doctoral thesis in Pedagogic Practices in 2010 and am now a senior lecturer in Education. I have a master’s degree in special needs education. I am a social work graduate and have experience in the field of child welfare.

Research about social vulnerability and the schooling of children and adolescents

The doctoral thesis I defended in 2010 was about the schooling of students in care of social welfare. I was interested not only in how institutional categories and offered identities express themselves and how they interact with the environments and materialities that are provided for children in need of special care, but also in how resistance is formulated and is shaped in institutional practice. I then used a Foucauldian perspective.

My postdoctoral study, “Documentation on pupils in adolescent social care” was about norms and conceptions in respect of adolescents who have been judged to have severe social, emotional and behavioural problems; and, the education provided for these adolescents in adolescent social care (homes for care or residence – HVB) through studies of individual educational plans and care plans. Here the theoretical perspective was Actor Network Theory, (ANT) and the concept translation.

One ongoing study is about feeling safe and matters of security in school: “Emotional school spaces – A study of school climate, wellbeing and learning possibilities in primary school”. Using actor-network theory (ANT), the study links social and physical school environments to issues regarding pupils’ (year 1) perceived security and wellbeing. By extension, it also links to their chances of being successful school pupils.


I teach special needs education teachers and special education in the different teacher education programs.

Supervision of PhD

I am supervising doctoral student Sofia Boo who is studying implications of the increased used of special education efforts (extra anpassningar) in the “ordinary” classroom.

Collaboration with fields

I have continuous contacts with the pedagogical and social work fields. I have supervised staff in residential care, special teaching groups and school health care . I am member of the NERA network “Post approaches to Education” and of a national school/social research network.


Degrees, network and award


  • Assosiate Proffessor in Pedagogic Practice, 2016 
  • Degree of Doctors in Pedagogic Practice, 2010
  • Degreee of Master in Special Education, 200
  • Degree of Bachelor in Science in Social Work



Discourse and narrative approaches to social work and counselling, DANASWAC.
A group of researchers who share an interest to study the practices of social work and counselling by using discourse, narrative and ethnographic approaches.


  • Social Work Students´ award to teachers, 2012