Division of Education, Teaching and Learning (PEDI)

The focus of our research and education is teachers’ work and students’ learning. To increase knowledge about school, education and learning we study different questions of educational, didactical and social character. Our knowledge is put to use in teacher education programs. We collaborate with municipalities, schools and school areas, carry out commissions for different authorities and take part in projects focusing internationalization of research and higher education.


Professional Self-efficacy, Emotional challenges and Moral stress in Teacher and Medical Education

Schools and healthcare are complex that place high cognitive and emotional demands on professionals. The project investigates how students develop professional self-efficacy during their education to become teachers and doctors.

Teacher and pubil.

Special Needs Assistants' Mission in Swedish Schools

Special Needs Assistants' mission in Swedish schools: How is it going and according to whom? These are questions asked in this research project. We want to contribute knowledge about opportunities and barriers of the work of Special Needs Assistants.

Researchers interact with a reading robot.

Studying whether a robot can awaken children’s interest in reading

Researchers at Linköping University are studying whether a reading robot can increase fourth graders’ interest in reading. The interdisciplinary project brings together researchers in technology, cognition and pedagogy.