Vanya Darakchieva

Professor, Head of Unit




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Ding-Yuan Chen, Axel Persson, Vanya Darakchieva, Per O A Persson, Jr-Tai Chen, Niklas Rorsman (2023) Structural investigation of ultra-low resistance deeply recessed sidewall ohmic contacts for AlGaN/GaN HEMTs based on Ti/Al/Ti-metallization Semiconductor Science and Technology, Vol. 38, Article 105006 Continue to DOI
Vallery Stanishev, Nerijus Armakavicius, Daniela Gogova-Petrova, Muhammad Nawaz, Niklas Rorsman, Plamen Paskov, Vanya Darakchieva (2023) Low Al-content n-type AlxGa1-xN layers with a high-electron-mobility grown by hot-wall metalorganic chemical vapor deposition Vacuum, Vol. 217, Article 112481 Continue to DOI
Philipp Gribisch, Rosalia Delgado Carrascon, Vanya Darakchieva, Erik Lind (2023) Capacitance and Mobility Evaluation for Normally-Off Fully-Vertical GaN FinFETs IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 70, p. 4101-4107 Continue to DOI
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