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Wen Zhong

Assistant Professor, Docent

My research mainly focuses on the integration of multi-omics, the interplay between genetics and phenotypes, and the development of data-driven strategies/tools for precision medicine.

Research Interests:

My research mainly focuses on the integration of multi-omics, the interplay between genetics and phenotypes, and the development of data-driven strategies/tools for precision medicine. The aim is to investigate the molecular biomarkers for the estimation of disease risks, early diagnosis of disease, stratification of drug treatment response, disease progression monitoring and the stratification of patients.



Maria Kopsida, Na Liu, Angeliki Kotti, Jing Wang, Lasse D Jensen, Ganesan Jothimani, Camilla Hildesjö, Staffan Haapaniemi, Wen Zhong, Surajit Pathak, Xiao-Feng Sun (2024) RhoB expression associated with chemotherapy response and prognosis in colorectal cancer Cancer Cell International, Vol. 24, Article 75 Continue to DOI


Jianhua Wei, Na Zang, Jing Zhang, Yu He, Haixia Huang, Xiangyu Liu, Ximing Xu, Luo Ren, Yu Deng, Jianguo Wu, Donald Seto, Wen Zhong, Qiwei Zhang, Enmei Liu (2023) Genome and proteomic analysis of risk factors for fatal outcome in children with severe community-acquired pneumonia caused by human adenovirus 7 Journal of Medical Virology, Vol. 95, Article e29182 Continue to DOI
Wen Zhong, Hanna Danielsson, Nele Brusselaers, Dirk Wackernagel, Ulrika Sjobom, Karin Savman, Ingrid Hansen Pupp, David Ley, Anders K. Nilsson, Linn Fagerberg, Mathias Uhlen, Ann Hellstrom (2023) The development of blood protein profiles in extremely preterm infants follows a stereotypic evolution pattern Communications Medicine, Vol. 3, Article 107 Continue to DOI
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Zhuo Ma, Xiaofei Zhang, Wen Zhong, Hongyan Yi, Xiaowei Chen, Yinsuo Zhao, Yanlin Ma, Eli Song, Tao Xu (2023) Deciphering early human pancreas development at the single-cell level Nature Communications, Vol. 14, Article 5354 Continue to DOI

Selected publications

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