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Ximing Yuan

Adjunct Professor

My current research projects lines are: 1 gender/sex differences in atherosclerotic vascular diseases 2 mapping of exposures and lung function in real time in patients with work-related asthma.

My research


Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease is still the most common cause of illness and mortality in both men and women.

The biological differences between men and women are large, and there is a great need for more knowledge about the differences in the incidence, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease to ensure the best possible care for patients of both genders. Among the working population, cardiovascular disease is seen as one of the main reasons for long-term sick leave, but so far there is very little research on the differences in long-term sick leave between the two sexes.

Thus, in order to explain the gender differences in long-term sick leave, we aim to investigate whether there are gender differences in cardiovascular disease and related sick leave in 2500 men and 2500 women from SCAPIS in Linköping.


Asthma is a very common lung disease that can be caused, or worsened, by many different trigger factors in the work environment. Current challenges in the diagnosis of work-related asthma in occupational and environmental medical clinics are that self-reported clinical symptoms from patients often have a low specificity. It is important for occupational and environmental medicine clinics, including occupational health services, to provide an effective mapping model that provides information on both lung function and harmful exposures in the working environment.

Our hypothesis (work plan) in this project is that Asthma Tuner, a mobile application, can detect changes in lung function induced by harmful exposures in the work environment.

About me


  • 2021 - Chief physician in occupational and environmental medicine, Linköping University Hospital and adjunct professor in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Linköping University
  • 2019 Subject representative in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Linköping University
  • 2018 Adjunct senior lecturer in occupational and environmental medicine, Linköping University
  • 2017 Specialist physician in occupational and environmental medicine, Region Östergötland
  • 2010 - 2017, Physician, Resident physician, Region Östergötland
  • 2006 Associate Professor in experimental pathology, Linköping University
  • 2001 - 2005 Assistant Professor, Linköping University
  • 1997 - 2000 Postdoctoral fellow, Linköping University and University of Gothenburg
  • 1993 - 1997 PhD in Internal Medicine, Linköping University

Field of Teaching

  • I have been teaching at the medical program and medical biology at Linköping University since 1997


  • For the Healthy Entry into Work Network (HINTA)
  • The European Society of Cardiology, ESC Working Group on Atherosclerosis & Vascular Biology
  • LiU CircM - a strategic research network for researchers at Linköping University and Region Östergötland within the research field circulation and cardio-metabolic risk factors


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