Linköping University Chamber Choir is a mixed choir linked to Linköping University. Our concerts aim to give the audience new experiences, new worlds of sounds, thought-provoking lyrics and emotional experiences that will stay with them long after the concert has ended.

 Östgöta Kammarkör sjunger i Vanga kyrka

Community and closeness

The choir was founded in 1989 and currently consists of 40 experienced singers (10 sopranos, 10 altos, 10 tenors and 10 basses). They are students, LiU alumni and other singers wanting to sing at an advanced level. The choir produces concerts both on their own and in collaboration with the county’s orchestras, visiting ensembles or soloists. Our conductor is Director Musices Jakob Grubbström.

We offer the unique community and closeness that choir singing provides for both singers and audience. Being able to meet in music and lyrics, and sharing our presence and expression in our meeting with the audience enriches our lives and gives us energy.


The choir focuses on the vocal interplay in the ensemble, and on musical expression. As the choir is musically based in classical choir music, we often sing a cappella, i.e. without any accompanying instruments. Our genre-fluid repertoire consists mainly of classical choir music, focusing on contemporary music.

We often collaborate with Östgötamusiken and Norrköping Symphony Orchestra in repertoires from various eras. We also produce genre-defying events, recordings and concerts with visiting musicians in various locations across Östergötland.
The choir sings in a churchLinköping University Chamber Choir singing in Björkvik church. Photo: H. Nordenfel

Sing with us!

Do you have a good singing voice and plenty of experience of singing in a choir or vocal ensemble? Are you used to reading music and want to develop further as part of an ensemble? Do you want to meet new friends and make new contacts? Then we would like to hear from you!

Our choir enjoys the concert experience and often gives several concerts with the same programme. This gives us the opportunity to visit different parts of our county, or neighbouring counties, to offer a concert experience full of good choir music.

We work with vocal coach Mattias Danielsson Lindqvist, who is with us during rehearsals to guide our singers in their vocal journey.
Our rehearsals take place about ten times per term, every second Thursday between 7 and 10 pm, in Musicum, Campus Valla, Linköping.
Does this sound like an exciting challenge? If so, do contact our conductor Jakob Grubbström, who will answer your questions and register you for an audition.

You may also contact choir president Helena Lundberg, if you have any questions about the choir’s activities.
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Voices from the choir

”A wonderful community”

Helena Lundberg, 63, joined the choir in 2010. She is an administrator in the Church of Sweden who lives in Linköping. She previously studied English and Swedish at LiU.

What does singing in Linköping University Chamber Choir mean to you?
I get to be part of a wonderful community, where I can practice reading notes and express my musicality.

What made you apply to the choir?
After several years of not singing in a choir, I longed for this type of context.

Can you describe the feeling of giving concerts and meeting the audience as part of ÖKK?
It’s difficult to express in words. The feeling when the entire choir is pulling in the same direction and the audience is listening is a purely physical experience.

What is your comment on singing Gorecki/Martin/Schnittke (concert in March 2023)?
Fantastic chewy music I really enjoy working with.

What has rehearsing these pieces been like?
Schnittke is challenging, in a positive way. I’ve sung Martin before, so I only had to brush up a bit.

”Awesome feeling in the music machine”

Simon Spjell, 48, joined the choir in 2010. He is a sales rep and project manager in the cogeneration industry who lives in Norrköping, and an alumnus from Linköping University, where he studied industrial management.

What does singing in Linköping University Chamber Choir mean to you?
It’s fun, challenging and educational! There’s such great camaraderie and so many opportunities in being supported by LiU and in the collective competence of the choir. This is a major hobby that gives a lot back on so many levels; musically, linguistically, socially, etc. There’s so much I would never have experienced if I hadn’t been in the choir.

What made you apply to the choir?

The conductor at the time was nagging me to join, and after five years not singing in a choir I missed it.

Can you describe the feeling of giving concerts and meeting the audience as part of ÖKK?

When everything gels, it’s such an awesome feeling to be in the middle of this music machine and giving the audience an acoustic and visual experience! The last week before a concert can often be quite stressful and wobbly, but most often we rise to the occasion. You may also get this feeling of emptiness once everything is over, and it can take days or weeks for that to pass.

What is your comment on singing Gorecki/Martin/Schnittke (concert in March 2023)?

It’s really cool music that looks complicated at first. When you’ve sung it a few times, you get a hunch of how it’s constructed and can see and hear that there’s actually a lot of music in the notes!

What has rehearsing these pieces been like?
Our choir retreat weekend in November was invaluable. Concentrating rehearsals made it possible to really focus on the music. This will hopefully make us confident in good time for the concerts.

”Every musical piece is a new adventure”

Jenni Fock, 53, joined the choir in 1993. She is a development strategist in Region Östergötland who lives in Linköping, and an alumna from the nursing programme at Linköping University.

What does singing in Linköping University Chamber Choir mean to you?

Singing has always been, and still is, an important ingredient in my life. I’ve been singing since I was little. Over the years, I’ve been a member of various choirs and ensembles, so I’m now an experienced chorist. Singing is mainly about developing your voice, but also skills such as reading notes, musical theory, a perfect pitch, performing and listening. The choir gives me the opportunity to develop all these things. The contrasts are also challenging. Sometimes the pieces are easy, and sometimes they verge on the most difficult to sing. Sometimes many of us sing the same harmony; sometimes only a few. In that way, every musical piece is a new adventure.

What made you apply to the choir?

I was curious about singing in a mixed choir; I used to sing in a women’s choir. I had friends in this choir, so that gave me a good reason to do something with them. The level of this choir was also appealing, it was really a boost for me.

Can you describe the feeling of giving concerts and meeting the audience as part of the choir?

A concert is the result of many rehearsals. It’s now that everything has to come together, You can’t take it from the beginning again, or slow down or take a break, you just have to continue singing! This is when we see if everything holds up. This means that a concert is always exciting and challenging. It also feels good to give the audience this musical experience. During the concert, some kind of communication takes place between choir and audience, and we can feel what they are thinking.

What is your comment on singing Gorecki/Martin/Schnittke (concert in March 2023)?

Schnittke is magnificent and timely. Gorecki is sooo beautiful, and you need a lot of air. Martin is everything: beautiful, neat, mystical and enjoyable.

What has rehearsing these pieces been like?

Schnittke is difficult to rehearse. It’s very demanding, because I have to sing big leaps, manage difficult language and have enough stamina. But the result is beautiful, WOW! Martin is fun, because it’s a double chorus. This makes reading the notes more difficult, but on the other hand it gives a richer timbre.