07 March 2022

The Jubilee Foundation looks to the future and is intended to constitute significant and long-term support for Linköping University. This innovative foundation with a long-term perspective welcomes all who want to invest in LiU’s future and ensure its continued development.

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A foundation of possibilities

The Jubilee Foundation at Linköping University functions as a guarantor in our endeavours to develop free and competitive research, together with durable and contemporary education of the highest quality. The foundation has been designed in such a way that it is possible for benefactors to direct their donations towards selected purposes at LiU without needing to create a dedicated foundation. This has proved to be a good alternative, since the foundation is already successfully managing money from benefactors who have donated to a specific purpose, based on their interests. Examples include: Christer Gilén, who has directed a donation to students of technology, Sven-Gunnar Axelsson, who donated to research into rheumatism, and Ingrid Arnesdotter, who has made it possible to recruit more doctoral students in commercial and business law. It is also possible to donate to the Jubilee Foundation without specifying a particular area, and such donations are used for future-directed areas of priority.  

A vision that started it all

A university will never be finished, and must never stagnate. Its activities must unceasingly develop and change. LiU is still a young university with a strong ambition to make its mark in the long-term as an internationally renowned institution for higher education, research and collaboration. Against this background, those who set up the initiative and LiU itself had a vision of a foundation that would be a long-term guarantor for the continued development of the university. As part of the celebration of LiU’s 40-year jubilee in 2015, the municipalities of Linköping and Norrköping, together with Region Östergötland, took the initiative to donate SEK 1 million to the university, to create the Linköping University Jubilee Foundation, thus bringing this vision to reality.

Foundation management

The Jubilee Foundation was registered at the county administrative board in 2018, and is one of the foundations at LiU under common management (known collectively as “LiUS”). Linköping University currently has 14 foundations under common management. These foundations are all connected with LiU, which means that the University Board is the board of these foundations. Faculty-specific boards have the responsibility to prepare material and take decisions about the distribution of funds from LiUS. The boards of the various foundations manage the foundations that are directed towards a purpose that lies within the field of the relevant faculty.

The Jubilee Foundation is part of LiUS, but differs somewhat from the other foundations. For example, individual donations with special conditions relating to, for example, the purpose of the donation are managed within the framework of the same foundation. The objective of the foundation – to support LiU’s core activities within education, research and collaboration – is extremely broad, which means that it cannot be linked with a particular faculty, and thus to any of the existing boards of the foundations. For this reason, a special board has been created for the Jubilee Foundation. 

The board of the Jubilee Foundation consists of: Chair Per-Olof Brehmer, vice-chancellor for collaboration. Members: Birgitta Öberg, professor emerita in physiotherapy, Kalle Bäck, professor emeritus in history, Lars Vikinge (Linköping municipality), Lars Stjerkvist (Norrköping municipality), Agneta Niklasson (Region Östergötland) and Maria Skoglund, legal specialist at LiU. 

An investment policy has been drawn up to determine how the assets are to be managed. In brief, this policy states that the overall goal is to increase the value of the foundations, at low risk and low cost, with a focus on ethics and sustainability. It is intended that the foundations are to have a long life, and thus investments must have a long-term horizon. It is important that the management is cost-effective, and that risks are spread. 

To find out more about the Jubilee Foundation and the opportunities available to support Linköping University, please contact any of the people listed below.

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