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Per-Olof Brehmer

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Collaboration and Campus Development

Member of the University Management. Participates in the work of strategic development of issues related to governance, management, preparation and follow-up of the work based on our vision and strategic plan for 2030 and decided operational goals.

Deputy vice-chancellor of collaboration and campus development

I am deputy vice-chancellor with responsibility for issues concerning collaboration with the surrounding society and the development of LiU's campuses. In LiU's strategic plan, collaboration is an important part of the university's future development. The plan states that LiU will promote increased mobility at all levels and between different sectors of society, and that LiU will stimulate innovative arenas for collaboration with external and internal actors to develop sustainability, utility and entrepreneurship as university culture. We are also to meet the need for sustainable social development through increased collaboration with companies and other actors, and this is reflected in our educational offering.

Acting university director

As the university’s highest administrative manager, the university director is responsible for administrative support and public authority matters within the university as a whole. The university director is also the head of University Services (UF), which involves leading, coordinating and developing common administrative support based on the university's strategies and objectives.

University Management at Linköping University

News about collaboration with LiU

Professor Mattias Lindahl is contributing to a global ISO standard

There are hundreds of definitions of circular economy in the world, which leads to confusion. A new ISO standard with a definition widely accepted and disseminated will remedy the situation.

Lonely child in silhouette.

Lack of guidelines on care for children subjected to sexual abuse

Only half of 34 surveyed European countries have national guidelines on how to provide health care and treatment to children who have been subjected to sexual abuse. This is shown in a study led by researchers at Barnafrid at Linköping University.

Three people behind a drill

Their project must stand up to a space trip

The students from LiU were given a dream assignment: develop a pressure-resistant device. A device that contains an experiment. And is to be launched into space.

Collaboration at Linköping University

One of the foundations on which Linköping University’s success is built is collaboration. It connects our education to the labour market, strengthens the relevance of our research, and makes it possible for the knowledge gained to benefit society.

Vision and strategy


Progression of the Roles and Functions

2019 -  Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research

2007 - 2019 Head of the Department of Management and Engineering

2006 - 2007 Head of the former Department of Management and Economics

2001 - 2006 Director of the PhD education in Management and Industrial Engineering

2004 - 2008 Research Director of the IMIE research programme

Academic merits

2013 - Professor
2011 - Associate Professor
2008 - Reader
1999 - PhD
1994 - Master of Science

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