A postdoctoral fellowship may be given to foreign citizens with a doctoral degree or equivalent, acquired in countries other than Sweden, and may be paid for a maximum of two years from LiU.

A fellowship for postdoctoral training must not solely be a research collaboration with a mutual exchange of methodological and technical expertise but must also contain clear educational elements with respect to the visiting fellow. The educational plan should clearly define what should be achieved.

Announcement and amount

The fellowship should be announced 5-21 business days. The handling time is at least 3 weeks before the first payment can be done. This may, however, be subject to delay due to application of residence permit from the Migration Board.
The fellowship amount is SEK 25 000 per month.


A request to establish a postdoctoral fellowship is made by the supervisor and sent to the department coordinator who announces the fellowship after approval from the head of the department.

Application and decision

The applicant sends the application to the department coordinator and the decision is taken by the head of the department.


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