Division of Administrative Support (VS)

We support the core activities at the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, BKV.

The Division of Administrative Support at BKV provides professional and effective administrative support to employees, students and collaboration partners with the aim of supporting research, education and collaboration.

BKV has a very successful and expansive research activity, we conduct important educational activities and we cooperate closely with our regions.

The Division of Administrative Support (VS) at BKV provides professional management support to BKV's management and department board, and our mission includes assisting with planning and follow-up of the department's operations. The administrative support at BKV must be professional, expedient and innovative, and we work continuously to develop, innovate and manage administration and support processes.

We work closely with the Regions, the University Administration, the Faculty of Medicine and LiU's departments, etc. in all kinds of matters.

The task of administrative support spans areas relating to:

  • Finance, purchasing and procurement (EKUS)
  • HR
  • Educational administration
  • Research administrative support
  • PhD education administration
  • Dissertations
  • Business-related administration
  • Contract management
  • Management support
  • Registry and archives
  • IT, digitization and infrastructure
  • Communication
  • Conferences and networks
  • Laboratory safety
  • Crisis and security
  • Service, infrastructure and premises

At VS, around fifty employees currently work with various types of administrative support for the core activities.

The division is divided into four units, all of which are headed by a unit manager:

  • The Unit for Educational Administration (UTBAD)
  • The Unit for Coordinating Administration (VERAD)
  • The Unit for Human Resources (HR)
  • The Unit for Services and Infrastructure (SOI)

Finance, IT and Communication organizationally belong to the University Services (UF) at LiU, but are coordinated within the framework of the tasks of administrative support at BKV.

Visit our employee pages to read more about assignments, our various tasks and for contact details.

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Postal Address

Linköping University
Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences
Building 511, floor 12
SE-581 83 Linköping


Visiting address

Building 511, Entrance 75, 76 and 78
Floor 12, University Hospital Campus

Unit of Coordinating Administration (VERAD)

Head of Unit: Chatarina Malm

Our mission within VERAD is to provide qualified, efficient and professional support and assistance to BKV's management, department heads and other employees. Our specialist areas are:

  • Department administration and coordination
  • Work environment and local issues
  • Diary and archive function
  • Event coordination
  • Postgraduate education coordination
  • Infrastructure and service level 12,Buiding 511-001
  • Management support

Within the unit, we also have a communicator resource to support the department's needs.

Unit of Educational Administration (UTBAD)

Head of Unit: Johanna Bäcklund

Our mission is to provide good service and professional and quality-conscious support to program managers, course managers, teachers and students in these educational areas:

  • The Medical Programme
  • Biomedical Analyst Programme
  • Complementary Programme for Biomedical Laboratory Scientists with a Foreign Degree
  • Supplementary study programme to biomedical scientist
  • Bachelor's Programme Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine
  • The Master's Programme Experimental and Medical Biosciences
  • The Speech Therapy Programme
  • The Master's Programme in Genetic counselling
  • Independent courses given by BKV

Unit of Human Resources (HR)

Head of Unit: Eva Åström

The HR unit's mission is to support the department in administrative, operational and strategic HR matters. In addition to supporting BKV in HR administrative matters, we work with support for managers in matters such as:

  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Competence supply
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Decommissioning and restructuring
  • Labor law
  • Working environment and equal conditions
  • Health care and rehabilitation
  • Employment conditions and benefits
  • Internationalization and questions about international employment

Unit of Services and Infrastructure (SOI)

Head of Unit: Eva Åström

Service and Infrastructure (SOI) works with support of the research activities at BKV in laboratory safety, premises issues, and cleaning of labware. The unit introduces new employees and informs about laboratory safety and the environment, coordinates the distribution of laboratories and office premises, as well as the purchase of furniture. The laboratory safety group at BKV is led by SOI.

The group, consisting of coordinators and senior coordinators with expert competence in biosafety, radiation safety, fire safety, environment, work environment and chemicals, exists as a support function for the laboratory operations which are conducted in line with current laws and regulations. For example, researchers and technical staff are supported in risk assessments, substitution cases and chemical inventory.