Scholarships, typically including a stipend for living expenses, are awarded as a form of financial support for education. They are not provided in exchange of services. Linköping University has established guidelines for scholarships.

The scholarships that are awarded are:

  • Research preparatory scholarship
  • Postdoctoral fellowship
  • Scholarships
  • Transfer scholarship

A scholarship holder is not employed and is therefore not subject to any collective agreement. For example, a scholarship holder is not entitled to holiday, daily allowances during business travels or health and fitness care allowance

A scholarship is tax-free and therefore does not allow any sickness and parental benefits nor any pension rights.

A scholarship is not covered by the occupational injury insurance but, on the other hand, by the Work Environment Act. LiU has a responsibility for the working environment, but is not expected to carry out employee appraisals. It is, however, important that the fellow has a social affiliation at the working place. An international fellow is covered by the Insurance for Foreign Visitors, but because of the above all fellows should consider their insurance coverage.

Courses and scholarships