Two-step verification for students

In spring 2023, it will be mandatory to have two-step verification on your student account to maintain security. Activate it now to do it at a time that suits you. Everyone with a LiU account can activate two-step verification.

Two-step verification adds an extra layer of security confirming that it really is you trying to log in to your LiU account when you're off campus. You can also deny login attempts that you do not recognise.

New student?

Follow instructions given in the checklist.

Current student - how to activate

  1. Have a look at the video below (click CC to turn on English subtitles).
  2. Activate via

When you've activated

How does it work when it’s active?

When you have activated two-step verification and you are off-campus and attempt to log in to our IT services, you will be required to confirm your identity with the aid of an app in your mobile phone.

You will be informed during the log in procedure when you need to confirm your identity. Make sure that notifications are enabled in the verification app, in order to allow it to inform you that you must confirm your identity.

Prevent attempted unauthorised access

Important! If you receive a verification request when you are not yourself in the process of logging in: deny the log in. It may be someone else who is trying to use your account, which you can now prevent using the two-step verification process.

If you choose to deny the log in, you are then asked whether you want to report this event as attempted fraud. If you answer yes, a case is sent to the LiU incident response team.