Applied Sensor Science

The Applied Sensor Science unit has their research focus on the detection of gaseous, liquid or biological analytes with tailored sensors for various applications.

We are an international group of scientists with multidisciplinary backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, and engineering. Our areas of expertise include sensors, materials for sensing and sensor system integration including the use of 3D-printing technology. Our main research focus is on sensors for different applications spanning from indoor air quality control, ambient monitoring, emission control and preventive conservation of cultural heritage materials to bio-analytical sensing and diagnostic tools, food quality and safety, and sustainable development. We work closely together with several collaborators within both academia and industry at local, national and international levels.




Shun Kashiwaya, Yuchen Shi, Jun Lu, Davide Giuseppe Sangiovanni, Grzegorz Greczynski, Martin Magnuson, Mike Andersson, Johanna Rosén, Lars Hultman (2024) Synthesis of goldene comprising single-atom layer gold Nature Synthesis Continue to DOI
Silvia Casalinuovo, Alessio Buzzin, Antonio Mastrandrea, Marcello Barbirotta, Donatella Puglisi, Giampiero de Cesare, Domenico Caputo (2024) Questioning Breath: A Digital Dive into CO2 Levels
Guillem Domènech-Gil, Donatella Puglisi (2024) Machine Learning for Enhanced Operation of UnderperformingSensors in Humid Conditions
Jens Eriksson, Donatella Puglisi, Christer Borgfeldt (2024) Electronic Nose for Early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer
Guillem Domènech-Gil, Thanh Duc Nguyen, J. Jakob Wikner, Jens Eriksson, Donatella Puglisi, David Bastviken (2024) Efficient Methane Monitoring with Low-Cost Chemical Sensorsand Machine Learning


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Undergraduate courses

TFMT14 – Measurement Technology 
TFMT19 – Chemical Sensor Systems 
TFTB38 – Imaging and ubiquitous biosensing  
TFYA46 – CDIO Year 1  
TFYA99 – CDIO Year 5 
8FG074 – Sustainable Development

PHD courses

•6FIFM66  Leadership Principles and Agile Management 
Scanning Probe Microscopy

Thesis projects

We always welcome interested students to do a diploma work with us or together with our collaborators. Feel free to contact us to discuss your own exiting idea or the projects we currently offer.

Our topics usually include different sensor systems (SiC-FETs, 2D-material based sensors and metal-oxide nanoparticle based sensors), various applications fields (air quality monitoring, combustion control, water quality monitoring, egg sexing...) and other related research questions.

Collaboration and Projects

Notable projects


The unit has many local, national and international collaborations from small projects to large scale EU projects. Our main collaborators are:

Chalmers University, Sweden – Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience

CNR, Italy – National Research Council

ENEA-Brindisi, Italy

Max IV Lund

Università "La Sapienza", Italy

University of Brescia, Italy

University of Oulu, Finland – Microelectronics Research Unit

Saarland University, Germany – Lab for Measurement Technology

DANSiC AB, Sweden

Envic-Sense AB, Sweden

Ford in Dearborn, USA

Graphensic AB, Sweden

SAAB AB, Sweden

SenSiC AB, Sweden

Sensorbee, Sweden