Applied Sensor Science

We work on development and characterization of chemical sensors for environmental monitoring, emission control and indoor/outdoor air quality control. Our two main research areas include gas sensitive silicon carbide field effect transistors (SiC-FETs) and graphene- and other 2D materials-based sensors for gas and liquid phase monitoring.

We are an active, dynamic, and international group of scientists with multidisciplinary backgrounds in applied physics, chemistry, materials science and electronic engineering.
Applied Sensor Science has 25+ years of experience on development of chemical gas sensors spanning from high to room temperature applications. We have an established leading position in the field, expanding our research interests also to liquid phase and particle detection, thanks to several strong collaborations with both academia and industry at local, national and international levels.

Development and commercialization of SiC-FETs is performed together with the spin-off company SenSiC AB, whereas development of graphene-based gas sensors is performed in close collaboration with Graphensic AB.

In 2018, we launched the start-up DANSiC AB, for development and commercialization of portable gas sensor systems for indoor air quality monitoring and control.
Since January 2017, Applied Sensor Science has become a research unit within the division Sensor and Actuator Systems (SAS).

For further information about our group, please visit our old website here.

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