Artificial heart pump with pulsatile flow (Scandinavian Real Heart)

Scandinavian Real Heart artificiell hjärtpump
Artificial heart pump 

The shortage of donor hearts and the physiological impact of pulsatile perfusion have driven technical innovation research efforts to create a positive displacement total artificial heart that can produce pulsatile flow and has a reasonable size for long-term assist in chronic heart failure.

Such a product is the Scandinavian Real Heart’s pump which is a new pulsatile totally artificial heart. Scandinavian Real Heart (SRH) is a Swedish company developing a heart pump, ”Real Heart” which is a new generation of total artificial hearts with pulsatile flow.

The project was founded by Azad Najar in 1999 and the development of the heart pump has been running since 17 years. We studied in the first instance the basic principles of the surgical and anesthesiological techniques we developed for implantation of the latest prototype of this device. The Real Heart delivers a physiological pulsatile perfusion.



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Zoltán Szabó, Jonas Holm, Azad Najar, Göran Hellers, Henrik Ahn (2017)

Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology , Vol.8 Continue to DOI

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