Biomolecular and organic electronics

Fluorescent protein film under UV-light.

Regarding research on solar cells, we study structure formation when solutions of conjugated organic molecules form solid films

Two important challenges for developing a sustainable society are increased use of materials from "green" raw materials, and the development of renewable energy sources. At the unit biomolecular and organic electronics (EFM-BIO) we try to find new solutions to these challenges through research on 1) the use of biomolecules in areas such as organic electronics and photonics, and 2) solar cells made from organic molecules including polymers.

We investigate the production of new "green" materials by refining biopolymers with, for example, luminescent or electrically conductive materials, and investigate the use of such materials in, for example, LEDs, batteries, or new types of energy sources. We also have projects where we investigate the use of biopolymers in water purification.

Regarding research on solar cells, we study structure formation when solutions of conjugated organic molecules form solid films, as well as the correlation between structure and the solar cell's performance. We are also investigating mechanisms that lead to energy losses in solar cells, in order to use this knowledge to improve the performance of solar cells. We also study hybrids between solar cells and energy storage systems with the intention of developing devices that can function as energy sources even in the absence of sunlight.



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