Olle Inganäs





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Mikhail Vagin and Penghui Ding working in the laboratory.

Fossil freedom comes from LiU labs

The transition to fossil freedom can’t happen overnight, but it can go much faster than it is. The technology is available, and in many cases is commercially available or nearly so. The labs at Linköping University hold hope for the future.

Qingzhen Bian

Quantum phenomenon governs organic solar cells

Researchers at LiU have discovered a quantum phenomenon that influences the formation of free charges in organic solar cells. “If we can properly understand what’s going on, we can increase the efficiency”, says Olle Inganäs, professor emeritus.

Metre after metre of thin solar cells rolls out from the printing press

Selling energy by the metre

At spin-off company Epishine, the printing presses are feeding out solar cells in printed electronics intended for indoor use. Olle Inganäs has an even higher goal: organic solar cells will contribute to solving the world’s energy problems.