Centre for Applied Management for small and medium-sized enterprises (CAM)

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Teiksma Buseva

Research in CAM is carried out in two main research tracks – SME growth and Sustainable business models. 

For questions please contact the director of the center Assistant Professor Tomas Nord or anyone of the senior researchers responsible for the research tracks.

SME growth

This research focuses on SME growth and the mechanisms, as well as drivers and barriers, behind different growth strategies and patterns.

Research is carried out in primarily 2 research projects:

  • Hidden champions in Swedish Industry (Vinnova)
  • Growth leadership (Tillväxtverket)

Sustainable business models

Incorporating triple bottom line principles and circularity aspects in the creation and development , of sustainable business models is increasingly becoming crucial in many industries and in society in general. The aim of this research is to understand how these principles and aspects together with sustainability are related to business model development and how firms can become more sustainable.

Research is carried out in primarily 1 research project:

  • Timber on top (Vinnova)

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