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We work at the intersection between medicine, the social sciences and the humanities, and provide a forum for researchers, teachers, healthcare staff and other societal actors.

The Centre for Medical Humanities and Bioethics (CMHB) has been established to allow different approaches and perspectives on shared areas of interest within the medical humanities and bioethics to inform and enrich each other. This is achieved through joint activities that gather people working with or interested in the medical humanities and bioethics. We encompass people from different perspectives, typically but not only within the humanities and social sciences. We also work with questions that arise at the intersection between the humanities, the social sciences, the caring sciences and/or biomedicine.

Some of the personnel at the CMHB study experiences of and narratives about health, wellbeing, illness, and bodily or functional variations. Others study medical practices, medical technologies, diagnoses and diagnostic processes, care practices and how illness can help to shape one’s self-understanding and everyday life. Still others analyse questions of ethnicity and gender in healthcare, or norms and assumptions about bodies and embodiment.

Some researchers study concepts in healthcare, while others study communication and social interaction in healthcare. Other topics concern bioethical questions, and what takes place when young persons or elderly persons become the target of medical or preventive healthcare interventions. These are but a few examples of what is going on at the CMHB.

Our activities

  • Seminars at which researchers present and discuss research.
  • Teaching within the medical humanities and bioethics, in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
  • Scientific salons at which researchers and societal actors talk about societal challenges related to, for example, health, illness, medical technology and practice.
  • Workshops that focus on societal collaborations, with the aim of discussing opportunities and challenges for collaboration between academia and other actors.
  • National and international symposia and conferences.

We work across the faculties at LiU

CMHB crosses faculty boundaries at Linköping University. Researchers affiliated with CMHB are based in departments at two faculties at LiU: the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Organisationally, CMHB is situated in the Department of Thematic Studies.

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