The Climate Change Megagame

The project will investigate how a “megagame” can be used to convey knowledge about climate change. It also aims to study how the effects of climate change influence the behaviour of decision-makers.

In autumn 2020, the Climate Change Megagame is planned be held in Linköping. A megagame is a large-scale game with elements of board gaming, role playing and conflict gaming, and up to a hundred players can participate.

The scenario of the game is placed in eastern Sweden and the participants play various local, regional and national roles, such as political decision-makers and representatives for business.  At least half of the participants will play the role of local inhabitants. During the game, climate change will be simulated for the period 2020 to 2100, based on forecasts from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).

The consequences of the changed climate will present the participants with difficult choices. The objectives of the players may conflict with political decisions taken in Stockholm or Brussels.

The project is in contact with businesses in the region and it is hoped that representatives for municipalities, regions and commercial activities in eastern Sweden will participate. Collaboration has already been established with SMHI and researchers at McGill University in Canada.

The Climate Change Megagame project has three main goals:

•to develop a game that creates awareness of how serious climate change is, and how it affects us

• to develop a university course in which students develop, organise and participate in a megagame

• to study the behaviour of those playing the game with respect to communication, decision making and conflict management.


Are you interested in participating in the LiU research project The Climate Change Megagame?

The Climate Change Megagame is seeking players, test pilots, graphic artists and sponsors. If you are interested in playtesting early versions of the game now, please send an email to Magnus Persson,, and tell us a bit about yourself.

The project is looking for participants both among students and from the business world. Contact Ola Leifler at for more information.


Translated by George Farrants

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The Climate Change Megagame is planned to take place in Linköping autumn 2020.

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