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Björn Johansson, Peter Berggren, Ola Leifler (2023) Understanding the challenge of the energy crisis: Tackling system complexity with megagaming ECCE '23: Proceedings of the European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics 2023 Continue to DOI
Björn Johansson, Jonas Herkevall (2023) Is this a date? - New perspectives on ICT for harmonized inter-organizationalcrisis management Information Systems for Criris Management and Response, p. 67-76
Carl-Oscar Jonson, Jenny Pettersson, Marc Friberg, Anton Björnqvist, Peter Berggren, Björn Johansson, Erik Prytz (2023) Identifying Core Competencies for Medical Command and Control Teams Managing Covid-19 2023 WADEM congress on disaster and emergency medicine, p. s216-s216 Continue to DOI
Peter Berggren, Tobias Ryrberg, Alva Lindhagen, Björn Johansson (2023) Building capacity - conceptualizing Training of Trainers Proceedings of the 20th conference on Information Systems of Crisis Response And Management, p. 701-710
Jimmy Hammarbäck, Jens Alfredson, Björn Johansson, Jonas Lundberg (2023) My synthetic wingman must understand me: modelling intent for future manned-unmanned teaming Cognition, Technology & Work Continue to DOI

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