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Ola Leifler

Associate Professor

My research interest is centred on promoting the dialogue in conversations about social change through large-scale social simulations (megagames). As a teacher, I have a strong interest in sustainable development.


Since 2013, I am employed as a lecturer at the Department of Computer and Information Science. My research interest is centred on creating good conditions for conversations about social change through large-scale social simulations (megagames). As a teacher, I also have a strong interest in sustainable development.  


My research is interdisciplinary and focused on how we can create greater understanding of the complex challenges we face through the use of social, large-scale simulations. We study how conversations about the transformation of energy systems, sustainable consumption and the countryside can be supported by formats where you get to experience new perspectives through the participation in a large-scale game. The aim is to stimulate better conversations about change and gain greater understanding of the complex issues, which have many different perspectives that need to be understood at the same time. 


I teach in subjects close to our research, including our course in Megagame design for sustainable development (ETE367/TDDE50). In addition, I contribute to many other courses, preferably ones that clearly touch on sustainability issues.

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Games for Social Transformation - an external page with more information about our various megagame-related activities.




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