Groin hernia repair is the most commonly performed general surgical procedure worldwide with over 200 million people affected globally.

Untreated groin hernias have significant morbidity and mortality. The unmet need for surgery is greatest in Sub-Saharan Africa where specialist surgeons are few. Groin hernia repair outputs need to increase along with the training of surgical providers in modern hernia repair methods.

There are two on-going projects in this area:

Epidemiological study on groin hernia repair in Uganda

Project partners: Pär Nordin (Umeå universitet), Jenny Löfgren (KI)
Publication: Groin Hernia Surgery in Uganda: Caseloads and Practices at Hospitals Operating Within the Publicly Funded Healthcare Sector


Implementation project on groin hernia repair in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda

Project partners: Jenny Löfgren (KI), Håkon Bolkan (Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet), Jessica Beard (University of Pennsylvania)