Epigenetic Insight into Lung Diseases, the PULMO Project

Launching in 2023, the PULMO Project delves into lung diseases through epigenetic exploration. This initiative aims to decipher the molecular intricacies underlying lung health, shedding light on fundamental patterns linked to respiratory conditions. PULMO's focus involves sampling 1000 patients with respiratory symptoms in Sydöstra Sjukvårdsregionen (SÖSR). By studying this diverse group, PULMO aims to reveal epigenetic marks specific to various lung diseases. This comprehensive endeavor has potential to reshape diagnostics and therapeutic strategies in the realm of respiratory well-being. Researchers, clinicians, and stakeholders are invited to contribute to the PULMO Project's trajectory. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, we seek to uncover insights that redefine our understanding of lung diseases, fostering potential for personalized interventions.


Do you want to participate as a healthy control in a study on lung diseases?

Linköping University is looking for people with healthy lungs for a study, PULMO, which will investigate DNA-based markers that may be helpful in the future to diagnose lung diseases. In order to participate as a healthy control, you must be over 18 years of age and in good health.

If you are interested and want more information about what participation means, please email the project's function email, info.pulmo@liu.se