LOE spin-offs and collaboration with industry and the private sector


Due to the applied nature of much of LOE’s research, we are continuously engaged in projects with industry and the private sector

Organic electronic technologies such as cellulose-based energy storage, healthcare and therapeutic devices, and large-scale printed electronics have resulted in well-established industrial collaborations and spin-off companies.

As research is ongoing, we are always interested in broadening this collaboration, and welcome future discussion, interaction, and collaboration opportunities.

Major research programs at LOE

Spinout efforts at LOE

Ligna Energy

Ligna Energy is a LOE spin-off developing large-scale batteries based on organic electronic polymers and biopolymers from the forest produced using ordinary paper machines.



OBOE IPR was started in 2007 to handle bioelectronics-related patent rights and know-how generated at LOE and select partners groups. IPR is made commercial through licensing, patent sales, and spin-off companies.


DP Patterning

DP (Dry Phase) Patterning is a spin-off from the LOE-RISE environment. The technology is a cost-efficient, simple production process that presents the lowest possible environmental impact and  short manufacturing lead times.



Invisense is a spin-off from the LOE-RISE environment presenting a lost-cost wireless humidity sensor. The technology enables measurements without damage (for example, within building walls).



Redox.me provides laboratory instrumentation that enables simultaneous in situ measurements of a number of signals (electrochemical, optical, thermal and other) on thin film and membrane materials.



Conceptualized.tech provides visualization services, presenting complex ideas in comprehensive illustrations, animations, or presentations. Several LOE publications have been featured on journal covers with Conceptualized.tech visualizations.


Consensum Productions

Consensum Productions is a full-featured foundry for printed and hybrid electronics, with a uniquely broad expertise ranging from printed sensors and displays to integrated systems of flexible substrates.