Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology

Bilder Christopher Sjöwall forskningsledare.
Photo: Christopher Sjöwall

​A long-term ambition is to contribute to increased understanding of underlying mechanisms for the disease onset, progress and perceived quality of life in systemic inflammatory diseases, especially with regard to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

The clinical spectrum of SLE is highly heterogeneous, extending from mild disease limited to skin and joints to life-threatening conditions with involvement of kidneys, heart, the central nervous system and bone marrow. Important clinical challenges include the prediction of disease flares and distinguishing reversible disease activity from irreversible acquired organ damage. While much has been learnt about its manifestations and progression, there are serious gaps in knowledge related to the etiology and pathogenesis of SLE.

Thus, the overall goal of my research projects is to acquire new insights into the mechanisms and components involved in the production of autoantibodies, as well as circulating and/or tissue-bound immune complexes (ICs), both of which are of importance for the pathogenesis of SLE.

In-depth understanding of immune regulation in inflammatory systemic disease will give better opportunities for:

  • a more accurate diagnosis
  • guidance for individual and optimized medical treatment and monitoring using already existing drugs
  • development of new drugs and treatment strategies