The Arena and Education

Teaching in the arena

The decision arena is used for different teaching activities, such as interactive seminars, workshops, students presentations, computer labs, or analysis sessions. 

The arena is suitable for smaller student groups with approximately ten people. The main advantage of using the arena in teaching is that it creates close dialogues between students as well as with the teacher where everyone can share and compare each other’s presentations. Thereby, the arena offers interactive student-centred teaching methods that encourage discussions and create conditions for comparing student work.

Teachers' experiences of the arena

“During one of our courses at the Master’s program Science for Sustainable Development, we use the arena to compare how students have conducted life cycle analyses of different food. It is highly appreciated by the students, as they easily can identify differences and therethrough learn more opportunities.” - Johan Hedrén

“I have used the arena for student presentations concerning the results of group assignments. The arena offers good opportunities to compare different approaches and results, as all student presentations can be visualized simultaneously. Often, it leads to more interesting conversations as the focus shifts to discussions on general patterns rather than the content of each presentation.” - Erik Glaas