Norrköping Decision Arena

Norrköpings Decision Arena - a room where visualization supports dialogue

The Arena is an interactive facility consisting of visualization platform where different types of information can be illustrated and compared transparently on a cylindrical screen. The arena serves as a support in meetings where complex issues or process are to be discussed. It is used in both research and teaching, but can also be hired by other actors in the private and public sectors. 

Norrköping Decision Arena is a result of interactive visualization research and participatory research. The room consists of a cylindrical screen with 6 meters in diameter and nine projectors, to which ten participants can connect and present their information simultaneously. Projections of the participants’ devices including, for example, data, graphics and simulations can easily be moved back and forth on the screen.

How can the arena be of interest for you?

Do you want to present, visualize, and discuss different types of information in a transparent and perspicuous way? The circular shape of the room, the screen, and the table create good conditions for dialogue and non-hierarchical conversations. The arena is useful in both research and teaching, but also by actors in the public and private sectors. When actors gather for a decision-making or planning meeting, work with strategies, review cases, or work on a budget, the decision arena is a suitable facility that offers interactivity and an opportunity to compare different materials.


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