Our research at Norrköping Decision Arena

Our research

Norrköpings Decision Arena is a result of interactive visualization research and participatory research. Also, today, the use of the arena is firmly grounded and linked to research. It is useful to use when, for example, conducting focus group meetings, planning research projects, analyzing extensive materials, or developing and evaluation visualization tools.  

The decision arena is currently used within several research projects that focus on climate vulnerability, environmental communication, climate research, transition research, and critical visual analysis. In particular, the arena is frequently used for dialogue-oriented activities, such as focus group meetings or workshops.

An arena used to facilitate discussions

Two examples of research projects using the Decision Arena are Mistra Carbon Exit and Mistra Geopolitics. Both projects use the arena to conduct focus groups and apply different visualization tools to support the discussions among the participants. Mistra Carbon Exit focuses on how actors within business, authorities, and politics understand and relates to societal adaptation focusing on phasing out fossil fuels. Mistra Geopolitics is about how regional and national Swedish stakeholders make sense of the roles, responsibilities, and agency of Swedish actors in achieving the sustainable development goals concerning global flows of natural resources and commodities in the light of environmental and geopolitical change.


Research projects