Physical layer security in massive MIMO

Distributed jamming of Massive MIMO
Distributed jamming of Massive MIMO

The inherent openness of the wireless channel makes wireless communication between two legitimate parties susceptible to attacks from a third party, the adversary. These attacks can be divided into two classes: eavesdropping and jamming.

When eavesdropping, the goal of the third party is to find out what message was transmitted between the legitimate parties. When jamming, the third party acts like a malicious transmitter, transmitting noise over the wireless channel to make the received legitimate message difficult or even impossible to decode.

With massive MIMO as an emerging technology, new aspects of physical layer security need to be analyzed. Is a massive MIMO cellular system more vulnerable or more resistant to physical layer attacks than current cellular systems? Can an abundance of antennas in the legitimate link make it immune to physical layer attacks? What happens an adversary has access to massive MIMO technology: how much more dangerous are massive MIMO jammers/eavesdroppers compared to conventional ones?


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