Communication Systems (KS)

The Division of Communication Systems is headed by professor Erik G. Larsson and conducts research and education in communications engineering, wireless communications and statistical signal processing.

Photo credit: Karl Öfverström
The principal focus is on enabling technologies for 5G wireless networks and beyond, with Massive MIMO as the most outstanding, scalable technology component.  Specific questions of concern include the design of coding, signal processing and resource allocation algorithms, as well as implementation aspects.

The division also leads research in positioning technology, with focus on cooperative positioning algorithms and localization in difficult radio environments. 

Faculty & Staff at Communication Systems

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News in brief

Emil Björnson wins best paper award at the 9th International conference on Wireless Communications and Signal Processing (WCSP), Nanjing, China.

We welcome Olle Abrahamsson, new Ph.D. student in communication systems.

We welcome Özgecan Özdogan, new Ph.D. student in communication systems.

We welcome Ema Becirovic, new Ph.D. student in communication systems.

Prof. Erik G. Larsson and his former student Hien Ngo share the 2017 IEEE ComSoc Leonard G. Abraham prize (together with H.Suraweera and M. Matthaiou).
We welcome Dr. Kamil Senel, new postdoc in Communication Systems.

We welcome Dr. Zheng Chen, new postdoc in Communication Systems. 

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