Communication Systems (KS)

The Division of Communication Systems conducts research and education in communications engineering, statistical signal processing and network science.

Photo credit: Karl ÖfverströmA principal focus of our research is the development of technology components for 6G wireless networks. Specific topics include the design and optimization of distributed and massive MIMO for high-capacity coverage and low-latency wireless access; methods to support energy-neutral (passive) devices and augmented, virtual and extended reality over wireless; design of wireless networks to support distributed AI and machine learning applications; and implementation of signal processing systems.

Security, robustness and energy-efficiency of communication links and networks are additional topics of importance.

Our work uses tools from statistical signal processing, information and communication theory, machine learning, complex networks and optimization.


Courses given by the Division of Communication Systems

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Professor Emil Björnson, KTH och professor Erik G. Larsson, Linköping University talking to each other.  

Faculty & Staff at Communication Systems 

Staff at the Division of Communication Systems 2023. Department of Electrical Engineering, Linköping University. Photo credit Karl Öfverström


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Recent highlights

We welcome Martin Dahl and Dexing Kong, new Ph.D. students in Communication Systems.

Chung-Hsuan Hu successfully defended her licentiate thesis, "Communication-efficient Resource Allocation for Wireless Federated Learning Systems".

Zheng Chen obtained the Docent title.

We welcome Nishant Gupta, new postdoc in Communication systems.

Ziya Gülgün successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation, "GNSS and Massive MIMO: Spoofing, Jamming and Robust Receiver Design for Impulsive Noise".

We welcome Adrian Edin and David Nordlund, new Ph.D. students in Communication Systems.

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