Visiting Fellows Program

The visiting fellows program is a core component of SweCSS

The center aims to build lasting ties between the social and the computational sciences by creating new and exciting research constellations among computational social scientists. The visiting fellows program is a core component of this vision.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Swedish Research Council, the visiting fellows program offers positions for both promising junior researchers and distinguished senior professors from all parts of the world. The program gives visiting fellows access to the research infrastructure of SweCSS, including data and research support, as well as membership in the vibrant SweCSS community.  The program will run for 2024–2028 and applications are processed continuously.

We accept applications from both leading researchers in Computational Social Science (associate professor and professor level) as well as promising junior scholars (postdoc or assistant professor level) from the social and/or computational sciences.

Senior fellows: We provide research stays of up to 3 months for 1 or 2 internationally renowned researchers per year with compensation for housing and travel, plus a honorarium. Senior fellows will be able to concentrate on their research in a supportive environment that includes many other researchers working on related topics. Longer stays are also possible for those on sabbatical leave from their home universities.

Junior fellows: We accept applications for up to 4 postdoctoral researchers per year.  Junior fellows will receive a competitive salary and will be able to develop their own research for 6-12 months or 24 months.  Priority will be given to scholars whose research interests overlap with other researchers at the Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) and the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), those interested in exploring potential collaborative projects at Linköping University, and those opting for longer visits.

Research fellows will be provided with office space either at IDA on the lively Linköping campus or at IAS on the picturesque Norrköping campus, as well as access to university facilities and, for those interested, population register data provided by Statistics Sweden following ethical approval. Both campuses are easily accessible by train from Stockholm.

Research fellows are expected to participate in weekly activities such as workshops and research seminars with international guests as well as an annual SweCSS workshop bringing together current and past affiliates. Proposals that describe joint research papers or projects to be housed at SweCSS are especially welcome. Our goal is to create synergies between SweCSS participants that  will benefit the researchers and students at the SweCSS and the field of computational social science at large.

How to apply

Applications in the form of (1) an up-to-date CV, and (2) a one-page motivational statement summarizing research interests, current projects, and reasons for applying for the Visiting Fellows Program are to be sent to Peter Hedström ( We evaluate applications continuously.

For queries about the fellowship program, IAS and IDA, Linköping University, or life in Sweden, please contact Maria Brandén (

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