The Bodies Hub - Bodily Ontolgies, Discourses, Identities & Epistemological Strategies 

Model of a womb
Erhard Gollenia

We are academics engaged in interdisciplinary research and teaching about bodies, identity, sex, gender and more. 

We are curious about bodies as biological and social entanglements, and are interested in how bodies are produced through medical knowledge and technoscience. How do bodies and the epistemological strategies that produce them intra-act with materiality, identities and norms?


We are researchers working on different parts of the body, different aspects of identity, and at different stages in our careers. Yet we are all interested in the way knowledge, medicine, technologies, structures and discourses impact and produce the bodies that we and others live in/through/with.

Through formal collaborations, informal conversations and academic discussions, we enrich and challenge theories and understandings about bodies. Every Thursday morning we meet for a working seminar, as well, at the Body, Knowledge, Subjectivity (P6) seminar at Linköping University.

Are you interested in being part of our hub? Or being a guest researcher with us at Linköping? Please contact us!


We teach in several different courses at Tema Gender and at other departments at Linköping University. 

We are currently developing a unique elective, open to undergraduates from all faculties, about the body - course start: autumn term 2019. We will also be offering a PhD course on normativities, with a strong focus on the body, during the late spring, 2019.

Are you interested in writing a term paper or larger piece of research about the body? Contact us about supervision.

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The ethics and social consequences of AI and caring robots

Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation has granted SEK 96 million to be shared by 16 research projects studying the impact of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems on our society and our behaviour.

Ericka Johnson, together with Katherine Harrison and Ginevra Castellano, Uppsala University, receive SEK 6 million for five years for the project. 

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Palgrave Macmillan: Gendering Drugs

Prostatan – det ständiga gisslet? Mannen och prostatan i kultur, medicin och historia, Björkman, M. (ed.) (2018), Nordic Academic Press

Nordic Academic Press: Prostatan

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